In the night of 15 July 2016, a sneaky organization led by Fetullah Gülen, briefly known as FETÖ which is a parallel structure within the state, attempted a coup against the government and president who was elected by the public with a voting rate of 52 percent. For many years, this organization has infiltrated into military, police, judiciary, intelligence agencies and other governmental institutions, showing these infiltrations as religious activities and exploiting the religion.

The first rule of democracy is transparency. This organization is not an NGO as it undertakes its activities mischievously. This coup attempt is a clear sign that the Gulenist organization aimed at establishing a new regime like Iran, led by Fetullah Gülen. This terrorist organization created a global network of spies through its private schools in many countries under auspices of the USA, and leaked state secrets to foreign intelligence agencies. It also created the biggest network of betrayal against Muslim and other nations through its so called schools in the world.

As in the catastrophe of 9/11 in the U.S., this terrorist organisation killed many innocent civilians including our brothers and sisters regardless of being children or women. Tanks, jet fighters, helicopters opened fire on the innocent civilians through heavy artillery weapons and dropped bombs on the people and the tanks brutally crushed the people, killing 241 and injuring more than 2000 civilians. This organisation has committed atrocities aganst the followers of a legitimate government.

It must be known that there is not any mission in Islam like capturing state institutions stealthily. Islam, which is a religion of peace, bans all kinds of terrorism. Koran, the holy book of Islam, bans killing someone by stating that “if anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew the whole people”. In Turkey, there is no obstacle to religious life. Despite Islam’s principles on freedom and justice, this terrorist organization abused Islam, brainwashed its sympathizers, provoked them and initiated a malicious attack against the government.

Turkish people, which consist of 72 different nations, heroically stopped this military coup attempt with their faith and love of nation. They showed the whole world how to defend their country and struggle for freedom by unblinkingly stand up against tanks, assault rifles and tyrants, and saved their sovereignity at the cost of their lives. They

showed that the faith has an irresistible moral force. Turkish history is full of examples of this moral force. The political parties representing almost all people in Turkey united against the coup, and made protests altogether.

Despite all these incidents, our economy has not been affected negatively and Turkish economy proved its strength thanks to economic reforms made in the last 15 years. All economic actors clearly indicated that their investments in Turkey will keep going. Turkey will continue to be a country that provides economic and political stability and makes the biggest investments in the region, as seen in the 3rd airport investment which is under construction with an investment value of USD 50 billion.

With this coup attempt, Turkey, which is the only country that has political and economic stability in the Middle East region, tried to be occupied with the support of some evil-minded countries. However, Turkey became a powerful shield against those who want to escalate the violance and inhuman activities in the Middle East.

Turkish people, who failed the coup within a night, will always keep its economic and political stability. These attempts will never stop or suspend the activities of public or private institutions. Turkish people are on the watch for their country.

As Turkish citizens, we condemn this coup attempt which is against our justice, freedom and stability. We declare that we are against all coup attempts that aim at destroying democracy, establishing a despotic junta regime.

Children of Anatolia has never been and will never be brought to heel. Long live freedom, democracy and justice!

We would be very glad if you share this letter with your family and friends.

Turkish Citizens Against Coup